Mum fears for young son’s health after living with huge hole in roof for 9 MONTHS

A family says they have been left forced to live with a huge hole in their roof for nine months.

Natasha Tomlinson, 29, and her two boys, aged seven and nine, have been left freezing cold and struggling to sleep since the problem first arose at their flat in Ramsgate, Kent in February.

The then small gap was ripped wide open by Storm Eunice later that month.

She raised the issue straight away with housing association Orbit Housing and has followed it up several times since, but the hole remains.

The mum says the issue is affecting the health of her and her youngest son.

Natasha said: “[The hole] has now gone into the hallway loft, and the neighbours’ loft too.

“There’s banging above our bedroom – it is so loud in the wind. Me and my youngest can’t sleep, I get stiff muscles and it takes me a while to get out of bed – the cold makes it worse.

“He has a bad chest and uses an asthma pump due to allergies.

“He has had to use it a lot more since this happened.

“He also had a sickness bug not long ago – usually his temperature would rise, but it was so cold in the flat it dropped to 34.5C.”

The desperate mum explained she has struggled to keep her home warm as energy prices continue to increase.

She said she has had to “blast” the heating up and wrap both her boys up to keep them warm.

Despite three visits from contractors, the issue has still not been fixed and is becoming worse as temperatures drop, with the wet and windy weather proving particularly troublesome.

The hole, which has spread into the communal hallway of the building too, has caused leaks in the corridor with the heavy rain over the last few days.

Orbit Housing initially said the roof was repaired on May 23, with Ms Tomlinson not reporting any issues after this until November 4.

But when shown screenshots of call logs and texts confirming the problems had been reported repeatedly, the firm sent a revised statement.

It said: “We sincerely apologise for the delay in completing the required works on the communal roof and the customers’ property.

“A specialist contractor has been appointed to complete the works as soon as possible.”

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