Moment cyclist uses zebra crossing and gets clipped by car sparks furious debate

This video of a cyclist using a zebra crossing has sparked fierce debate among pedestrian and road users.

In the clip, a car drives through the crossing without stopping, narrowly missing the bike rider as they make their way across.

The cyclist, who is wearing a dark hoodie, stops and then continues, only to be clipped by a second car.

In the 11-second clip, neither car appears to slow down or stop at all.

The cyclist appears to be unhurt, but residents in the area have voiced fears that “someone is going to die” at the crossing.

Shopkeeper Mohammad Haleem, 45, spoke after Saturday’s scare at Horton Grange Road in Bradford.

He told MailOnline : “Someone is going to have to be killed before they do anything.”

He added: “There are schools close by and children don’t understand the zebra crossing. Just because one side of the traffic stops, it doesn’t mean the other side will.”

He continued: “Kids don’t want their parents to know that they have been involved in a bit of a bump because they think it is them in the wrong. But there is some kind of accident on that zebra crossing every week.”

The clip has divided opinions online over who was in the wrong.

Some have said that cyclists shouldn’t be using the zebra crossing because it is for pedestrians, while others have said the cars should have stopped.

One wrote online: “The car driver is in the wrong, no question about it, but the person on the bike should also have been walking with their bike as it’s a PEDESTRIAN crossing, not a cycleway!”

Another said: “Sorry but he should be off his bike if he is to cross safely, IMO he takes a shortcut and nearly suffered for it, not the fault of the driver in the car, bike riders think they have a special place in the highway code.”

Another added: “Cyclists should be aware that hoodies impair peripheral vision. Also, don’t start to cross until the traffic stops.”

One replied: “Drivers have to stop if they see someone about to cross, otherwise it is reckless endangerment.

“Read the updated highway code before you next start driving.”

A fourth chimed: “I’d like to say the responses to this are astonishing, sadly they’re exactly what I would expect.

“In what world is it right for a car to smash into anything on a zebra crossing, irrespective of whether it’s right or wrong to be on the crossing.”

The video, which has been seen more than 400,000 times, was also shared by broadcaster Jeremy Vine.

He wrote: “Horton Grange Road, West Yorkshire. How does the driver fail to see him?”

He later tweeted another clip of the same zebra crossing showing another cyclist getting clipped by a car.

Mr Vine wrote: “What the hell is going on with this zebra??”

Some people replied with further clips of this crossing showing cars plough into pedestrians walking on the white-painted lines.

One wrote: “That’s appalling. The fact the other car had stopped should’ve been a sufficient warning to the driver, whether or not he/she had seen the pedestrian.

“Hopefully the victim wasn’t too badly hurt. Was the driver on the phone?”

A Bradford Council spokesperson told The Mirror: “We understand the local concerns about this crossing and we will carry out an immediate inspection.

“Improvement works were carried out in 2018 to replace the existing beacons with high visibility LED units and enhanced white lining and the location is awaiting funding to be converted to a signalled crossing and this work will take place as soon as we can.”

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