‘Time traveller’ from 2671 claims ‘very big things’ will happen on four dates in December

A ‘time traveller’ who claims to be from the year 2671 says “very big things” will happen next month.

Eno Alric has named four dates in December when notable events could occur in an effort to prove he is who he says he is.

The TikToker – known as ‘theradianttimetraveler’ – has posted a series of bizarre videos forecasting the future.

Earlier this year he also said he could transport eight people with him to his time within six months.

His latest upload is captioned: “Yes, I am a real time traveller, remember these 4 dates in December 2022.”

The 20-second video features foreboding music and pinpoints December 8, 12 and 25 as dates something will happen, while December 20 is “The Release”.

Eno added: “Very big things will happen on each of these dates, this will 100% prove that I am a real time traveller.”

He gave no indication as to what his viewers should prepare for, but repeated his warning from other recent videos: “Stay safe.”

His predictions were met with expected scepticism from commenters, with many teasing him over his failed predictions from last month.

One said: “Yeah right, I still remember the four dates to remember in November. Lol.”

Another added: “You said 10 people will receive super power on November 14 2022 that didn’t happen.”

A third said: “Guys I’m a time traveler [from] the future. Remember the date December 25th it’s a thing called Christmas.”

Eno had said this month humans would discover new planets, be struck by a tidal wave and be visited by aliens.

He has 110,000 followers and has promised to reveal his identity once he reaches a million.

His bio says: “From the year 2671, mankind is on the brink of destruction… Face Reveal at 1M.”

Eno is not the only TikToker claiming to be a time traveller.

‘Time Traveller 3000’ claims he predicted Elon Musk would takeover Twitter.

In a video shared with their 12,000 followers, they said: “To prove that I am a time traveller I will tell you what happens to Elon Musk.

“As I predicted months ago, Elon would buy Twitter and then unban Donald Trump.

“This will upset many people so Elon will step down as CEO of Tesla and then become CEO of Twitter.”

Another similar trend currently on social media sees people unearth photos from the past, which appear to show people using modern technology, and thus proving they have quantum leaped.

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